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Please note, my product prices can change slightly. The current price will be on the gallery when you place your order. I do try keep these prices updated, but please note that the prices on this page may not be the current price. If you would like to inquire about a specific product please email me. Thank you!

So now you have done your photo shoot and you will be receiving your wonderful images digitally!
But you don’
t want to have to switch on your computer every time you want to see your images or show them off to your family and friends!!
It is so lovely to have your images printed out to have as a special lifelong keepsake, and having them displayed for you to enjoy on a daily basis and for everyone to see!

Below is our Product Guide, please don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have.


Mobile APP
Each digital image ordered will be included in your Mobile App
Digital Image
Each digital image is R100. The minimum order is 20 images. These images will be supplied Digitally via Dropbox (you will receive a FREE USB along with any printed product order).
 Luxury Album | R2200
200x270mm, Semi personalised leather hardcover, layflat. 10 to 12 spreads (20 to 24 pages).
Small Luxury Album | R1600
150x200mm, Semi personalised leather hardcover, layflat. 10 to 12 spreads (20 to 24 pages).
Bragbook | R499
100x100mm, black canvas hardcover, layflat. 10 spreads (20 pages).
Custom Sizes   Clients Best Choice
There are several standard sizes to choose from, but please let me know the size you would like and I will quote you accordingly. You can also order a framed canvas for an additional cost   A2 | R900
Variety of sizes, starting at a 4×6″ for R100 for one (bulk print orders, or prints paired with other products will receive a discount on the print prices)
 Small wooden block | R299
150 x150mm photo mounted on a wooden block
Large wooden block | R450
300 x 300mm photo mounted on a wooden block
Folio Box | R499
Includes 10 framed 4×6″ prints. Packaged in an elegant black box
Insta Prints | R300
A set of 12 polaroid style prints (100x90mm)
Wooden holder for Insta prints | R190
A wooden block to hold 2 Insta Prints
Accordion Album | R280
75 x75mm when closed. Includes 12 square images
Stone Tile | R450
Photo printed directly onto a stone tile
Acrylic Desktop Stand | R499
150x200mm Acrylic photo print
Mousepad | R220
205 x190mm. The bottom is made from non-slip rubber
Mousepad Calendar | R250
2019 mousepad calendar. The bottom is made from non-slip rubber 
Magnetic Calendar | R299
150x200mm Magnetic 2019 calendar
Photo Cube | R315
Six-sided perspex cube
A3 Puzzle | R299
Includes 80 puzzle pieces. Comes already built
Keyring | R165
Photo printed onto a square hardwood keyring
USB | R200
USB with your ordered images in high and low resolution