First Birthday – SMASH THE CAKE!

//First Birthday – SMASH THE CAKE!
First Birthday – SMASH THE CAKE! 2018-04-05T15:17:52+00:00

Your little one is turning ONE!!! Let’s celebrate with CAKE!!!

Your child’s first birthday is something truly special, and a time you will want to remember forever! Cake smashes are a unique and fun way to celebrate!!


Your child will be let loose with the cake and is encouraged to make a mess! The cake is included in the session fee, and is the perfect shape and size for the smash. It is made professionally from ‘Mel’s Creations’ and is always of top quality!

Please let me know if your child has any food allergy. If they do, we can make an arrangement for a special cake to be made. Please note, the child doesn’t eat lots of the cake – most of it just gets smeared around rather than them actually eating it!

It is really nice to have your baby not wearing too much clothing, as the clothes could be distracting (and you will have cake smeared all over the clothing anyway πŸ˜‰ ) Please bring your boy in a nice pair of shorts (jeans work well). For your girl, please bring a nice tutu matching the colour scheme, along with maybe  some pearls and a nice headband (depending on theme, etc)
As a backup, for girls, I do have a pink tutu. For the boys, I do have a pair of 6-12 month old short jeans. But as children are all different, it is best to have your child in their own clothes that you know fit them correctly. Bring an extra (clean!) outfit to dress your child in that they can wear home.

Please remember to bring a spare outfit for yourself and your child. Especially if you are going to be included in some of the photos. But even if you are not taking part in the photo shoot, your child might want to be picked up – while covered in cake!!

I suggest doing the photo shoot a month / month and a half before your child’s actual birthday if you would like your images in time for their birthday (for example if you want to use the images for a birthday invite or to incorporate them into their birthday party as sticker decorations, etc (Please let me know if you would like any of those designs created and printed, with my Graphic design background I can definitely do those for you)). If you would rather wait until their actual birthday to do the shoot, that is perfectly fine too. Please note that it takes +-5 weeks from your session date to receive your order. Upon booking, you will receive a link to my client area where there will be more in-depth information about the expected timeframe.


At the end of the session, we will bring in the small bathtub to clean your little one off – while I take some cute photos of them splashing in the tub!
It is best to not have any arrangements to go out straight after the photo shoot – as your child will probably need another bath to get the cake out of their hair!

Let’s have some fun!!!

We did a fun Behind the Scenes little video of one of my favourite little girls (Abigail). Click here to view it and get a special behind the scenes feel of a Cake Smash photo shoot! πŸ™‚


Please go through my Cake Smash Portfolio below.
Click on an image to enlarge it. Once enlarged, you can browse the other images by navigating with either the left or right arrow keys on your keyboard.