Newborn Workshop – Johannesburg

//Newborn Workshop – Johannesburg
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My Newborn Photography Workshop on the 21st of January 2018 went off so well!

I was joined by three lovely and enthusiastic photographers in the morning! We spoke about what type of photography they are interested in, any previous experience with Newborn photography – and their hope for their photography future! 

We then went on to chat about the basics and necessities of Newborn Photography, showing them all the basics and behind the scenes items needed to start off with Newborn Photography. After that – WRAPPING! A technique mastered after the basic skill is learnt and after lots of lots of practice! We used my stand in baby, as well as some dolls – just to get the feel basic idea of how to do a wrap. We then carried on with the use of my stand in baby, setting up props and working on lighting, taking photos of the very co-operate stand-in baby!

Later in the morning, the real newborn model arrived!! An adorable 8day old baby was such a superstar for us! We managed to go through wrapping, props, beanbag and parents poses! Everyone got a chance to take photos of the newborn in the different setups. 

After the exciting 3 hour session with the Newborn model, we sat around and looked through everyone’s images for some Q&A while we had lunch! 

We ended off the day with Certificates and a little goodie bag for each attendee 🙂

I am so proud of everyone’s enthusiasm during the session and their images that they did during the day!
It was such an honour to pass on my knowledge of Newborn photography to other Newborn Photographers! 

I plan to do more Newborn workshops in the future, and am so excited for them!
Please contact me if you would like more information for Johannesburg Newborn Workshops in the Future!

Lovely group of photographers!

Some behind the scenes pictures during the workshop
(some taken from my iPhone, and some images courtesy of Stephen Kangisser and edited by me)

Here are some of my images taken during the workshop

Here are some of Stephen Kangisser’s photos taken during the workshop


I’d like to congratulate you on an excellent workshop whereby I certainly learnt a lot about New Born Baby Photography.

I’ve been a photographer for many years and continually learning and helping others where I can, specializing primarily in Wildlife and people photography. I have been published locally and internationally, won various high profile photographic competitions and been part of an exhibition for my wildlife photographs in a gallery in Israel. However, your type of photography, although I’ve done it by “winging in” I knew nothing about and have seen how hard it is in setting up the shots and the tremendous patience one needs.

I certainly will not be doing Newborn baby shoots myself professionally, only if I’m asked by family or friends as I feel after your workshop I’m equipped to do so. I would definitely recommend you for sure.

Stephen Kangisser
Allow me to take this opportunity to thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us.

The workshop was amazing and there was so much to learn from basics to technical staff. Thank you for your patience while teaching us.

The money that I paid for the workshop was worth it, I enjoyed every moment in your studios.

Many thanks to you and your mom, you were great hosts.

Vuledzani Matidza

I would love to host more workshops in the future! If you or anyone you know would be interested in doing a Newborn Photography workshop with me (in Johannesburg) don’t hesitate to contact me!
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I am really looking forward to sharing my knowledge of Newborn Photography with you and helping you reach the next level in your business!!
Please feel free to contact me for any information on