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I am excited to announce the start up of Created by Sandra – Photography Props!

Expanding my Captured by Nicole business to not only just the photography side of newborns, my assistant Sandra is starting “Created by Sandra” supplying props to other newborn photographers. Since I have started my Photography business, Sandra has always added to my prop collection by either making the crochet hats and diaper covers, making headbands, props, sourcing out and buying different blankets and props etc.

With us doing Newborn Photography and using different props all the time, we know what works best and what looks great in photos.

There will some photos on this page showing different images with the props in use, but this is mainly a facebook-based page. Please CLICK HERE to go to the facebook page.

Please note a few things:
– Not all the props I use in my photos are Created by Sandra products. I use props from various places and people. I will specify when I use items Created by Sandra.
– I use a variation of different props in one image. Not all the props shown in a photo are Created by Sandra. There will always be a description of which item in the image is the CBS prop.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Red variation string blanket

Blue fluff

Hessian S-curve

Pink fluff and pink prop Ring

Blue fluff and prop Ring

Blue/gold fluff and prop Ring

Pink/yellow/grey fluff and prop Ring

Grey fluff and prop Ring